Astounding Remodel Kitchen Design

Kitchen remodels can be costly and time-consuming—depressing news for a homeowner who is weary of their outdated, poorly functioning space and is ready for a change. There are some smart solutions, however, to a total renovation. When a remodel is out of reach, it’s entirely possible to refresh or replace aspects of the kitchen, resulting in a less-expensive and more time-efficient uplift. This can add longevity to a tired kitchen until the time when a complete redesign of the space is in the budget.

When approaching your kitchen for a partial redesign, you should first select the component or components of the room that, if changed, will have the greatest visual impact. Flooring and cabinetry are two prominent areas that should be considered; lighting, backsplash, and wall color are all accents that will help create a standout space. There’s no need to feel that you have to do everything at once, either. Alterations can be incorporated in layers, allowing for flexibility in timing and expense.

Refinishing existing hardwood floors will transform them—and save you the cost and trouble of replacing them. With the help of a kitchen designer or interior designer, select a new color for the re-staining of your hardwood floors and tie it in with a fresh wall color and newly installed backsplash. Bring your current cabinetry into the picture, pairing new hardware with restored, refinished wood surfaces. If done thoughtfully, these lesser changes can be incorporated without appearing out of place.


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