Phenomenal Contemporary Home Style By B&b Italia

This stylish house walk through was produced by B&B Italian to cabinet list piece in suit. The unbiased location is known deepness with black bottom comments right through, in the furnishings plus garnishing, to carry heaviness to the fresh white interior. A easy row picture adorn the barrier of the recreation locale ready with a contemporary comprehensive chaise loaf.

A colorless urn sit insecurely in the A-framework of a black stepladder, sketch the watch up to the space mezzanine stage. A comfort bench is decent casually with prop artwork along with spotless wrought basin plus urn. Letter the Perspex wall bench in the bedroom overflowing with ‘carelessly fall’ soft cover book—minimally astonishing! The foliage of the show book kind word the temporary housing light brown plan system, with their shadow as well as form tie in with the light hangings, rectangular locale carpet, quadrangle edge street light along with plain bed linen.

In the dining space the more bright house garnishing are pressed back to smart simply the border of the space, departure the eating locale orderly plus minimalistic. A balanced shelve scheme with irregular door stretch crossways the bulk of the white barrier room in the living space, create plenty storage space as well as show room for all of the children nick–knacks along with food.


Tony Tang

Home design and home interior enthusiasm

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