Stunning Traditional Apartment With Wooden Interior Ideas

Learn a house fanatical completely to…wood. A compliment to this valuable fabric that absolute the seem of a residence plus has the authority to modify it fully. Wood is an motivation as well as we approximating wood: the minimalism, the elegant streamer, the hard construction. Timber is the normal stroke acceptance our house. This residence positioned in the Aged City of La Coruña, Spain squeeze this exacting fabric along with emphasizes the abstemiousness of traditional decoration, somehow sparkly the significant inheritance of the city. The apartment was designer by Díaz y Díaz Architectonics.

Careful, wealthy plus elegant, for those minimally love wood, the apartment is an effort to augment the liveable room plus generate the ideal cheerful surroundings. The lobby restore the traditional room demarcation. Somehow, the kitchen has a awfully appealing position in the residence’s lively. As you assemble in the living space, you seem at the large chunk of wood plus you see during a translucent glass pane, the kitchen’s design. The designer explicate: “The kitchen was stirred plus connected to the sprawl where there was an inside space previous. This allowable to get any more bedroom in its situate.” By unite the previous row of decor with traditional pronunciation, you bestow excellence to the home. This is precisely what the planner did.


Tony Tang

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